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Building demolition is necessary due to many reasons like extreme damage in the existing structures, the need for an expansion of existing buildings or sometimes in case of a change in rule by the government. A number of building demolition techniques like wrecking ball, selective demolition, etc. are used to bring down the structures.

Demolition by explosives, however, is one of the quickest building demolition techniques, hence preferred by many. A simple principle of weakening the fundamental support is used in order to demolish a structure. It involves a strategic placing of demolition explosives and setting up the detonation times.

Safety during demolition by implosion is a major responsibility. Safety of life of working personnel and neighbouring structures as well as being compliant with the environmental standards while executing a building demolition requires a delicate balance.

At Uttam Blastech, with the best building demolition contractors, we are in cognition of the safety measures required during the building demolition. Therefore, we take pride in our collaboration with NITREX SRL®, a company based out of Italy, which specialises in implosion and demolition of structures that meet the European Standards of Safety and Environment.

Uttam Blastech has an expertise in demolition and implosion of residential, commercial and industrial structures and buildings. We Uttam Blastech, top building demolition contractors take care of demolition by implosion process from start to finish in India and also other countries.

Demolition Services in India:

  • Safety measures before demolition:
    • Fencing the demolition site
    • Installing the scaffolds          
    • Covering the whole building with special sackcloth to protect the perimeter from falling rubbles
    • Installation of special protection or blasting mats to arrest splinters
    • Handling internal staff communications
    • Setting up personal protection/safety measures (clothing, equipment, etc.).
    • Preparing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
    • Safeguarding the building by security personnel and municipal police (if required) throughout the project
  • Preliminary dismantling:

A number of modifications like removing the loose parts such as brickwork of the ground floor are carried out. Structures like balcony or canopies, which protrude out of the main building are dismantled. The preliminary dismantling helps in optimizing the final fall.

  • Supply and installation of explosives:

Uttam Blastech,one of the top building demolition companies in India handles the supply of explosives from NITREX SRL®.

Implosion is planned by taking site-specific parameters into account. Further, installation of demolition explosives is executed as per the plan. The time difference between the detonation times is crucial and is set up according to the planned sequence.

  • Supervision of explosion:

The team of Uttam Blastech conducts a thorough supervision during the process of an explosion. Nomis Mini SuperGraph II, a vibrations measuring device is also installed in place and monitored to ensure that the vibration limits are not exceeded.

  • Handling of demolition debris and recycling:

The aftermath of a demolition is the large quantity of debris and the need for recycling the waste. Uttam Blastech takes care of this exhaustive task as well. We move the demolition debris by a fleet of heavy equipment, including excavators and loaders, onto trucks and other earthmoving vehicles. It is then carted off the demolition site to an approved recycling facility.

Why Uttam Blastech?

Uttam Blastech, demolition contractors for buildings and structures, we believe in consistently delivering the most effective solutions to meet the customer needs within budget and time. The benefits of working with us are:

  • European standards of safety and environment
  • Quick Response
  • Handling of waste products

Case Study of Ultratech Cements:

Project Details: Ultratech Cements
Client Name: Rajashree Cements of Ultratech Cements
Location: Karnataka State, India

Demolition of a 25 meter tall heavily built crusher in a working mine next to a transfer supplying electricity to the entire Mine to mine to release around 20 Million tons of Limestone Reserves beneath the crusher.

Uttam Blastech Started the Work on 27.04.2013 and demolished the structure on 28.04.2013 at around 04.30 pm at fraction of the cost of alternate technologies.The entire area was cleared of debris in 10 days.

End Result:
A perfect and the most appreciated demolition. From On the 11th day, the crusher is a memory.

Case Study of Bhuj Eartquakes:

Project Details:  Bhuj Earthquake
Client Name:  Bhuj Earthquake


After Bhuj Earthquake demolition of damaged buildings was a challenge. A challenge well taken by our Mr. Sarwate. As situation demanded, he demolished 115 buildings.

Limca book of Records noted this achievement.

limca demolition of buildings

Restoration and Rebuilding fast and quick begins with timely, fast and accurate demolition by Uttam Blastech.