Case Studies

Bringing Expertise & Precision to Exploration, Estimation & Excavation

Vibration Monitoring

During the construction of the power plant near Udupi in Karnataka, the neighbouring villagers complained about the damage being done due to heavy blasting and demolitions. Uttam stepped in to scientifically monitor the blasts for Ground Vibrations and deemed it safe to continue as it was causing no real harm to the village. In a similar incident, neighbouring residents around GVK One mall in Hyderabad almost filed a court case against GVK Group complaining of damages due to blasts. Uttam deterred the court order by certifying that vibrations were under permissible limits.


Prism Cements’ acquisition of Fletcher Building’s Concrete business of construction materials led to the acquisition of a quarry as well. Without our intervention initially, the company was able to produce about 4,500 tons of boulders per month. After our involvement, however, the production reached to about 18,000 tons of boulders in 6 months; four times of the initial production capacity without any addition in machinery.

Geological Investigations

When the Kerala based Thomson Granites were looking to acquire a quarrying land, they were offered a land that was surrounded by plantations and dense vegetation. Ascertaining overburden and mineral availability was tough before deciding to buy the costly piece of land. Uttam lent their expertise by conducting geological investigations and determining the exact mineable quantity of the mineral.

The construction of the Sonna Barrage across river Bheema in Gulbarga district in Karnataka required about 4,00,000 tons of aggregate stone. Unfortunately though, the quarries were located 17 kilometers away and for a builder, it was both a infrastructural and logistical nightmare! With Uttam’s expertise in geological investigation, an area was identified just 2 kilometers away from the site with an over burden of 2 meters that solved all problems in a jiffy!


Uttam’s success story of wealth from destruction is associated with Ultratech when they needed to demolish an abandoned stone crushing plant of 21 meters height with utmost safety. We demolished the structure by using implosion techniques unlocking huge reserves of limestone that lay buried. All this, with complete safety in just 2 days! The limestone was used to make about 30 million tons of cement by Ultratech.