Demolition and Implosion

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After a point of time, all buildings lose strength and instead of serving as structures of purpose, they begin to pose as fragile blocks, ready to collapse at the nick of any external or environmental calamity. Every now and then old buildings need to be demolished, either for safety purposes or to make room for new ones. 

While there are many demolition methods such as Excavator demolition, Wrecking ball demolition and Selective demolition, Implosion is one of the most impressive methods. This technique employs the principle of weakening a building’s fundamental support to demolish the structure.

Safety during demolition by implosion is a major responsibility. Safety of working personnel and neighbouring structures as well as being compliant with the environmental standards while executing a building demolition requires a good balance of experience and expertise. 

Why Uttam Blastech can be your most dependable choice?

With more than 25 years of experience, Uttam Blastech is not only aware of the safety measures needed during demolition but has gone an extra step in ensuring that global standards of demolition are met as well. 

We take pride in our collaboration with NITREX SRL®, a company based out of Italy, which specialises in implosion and demolition of structures that meet the European Standards of Safety and Environment. As India’s top building demolition contractors, over the years we have undertaken many projects in and out of the country.

How Uttam Blastech will take care of the project, every step of the way

Step 1: Experts from Uttam Blastech examine the different characteristics of a building, such as the materials, building usage, method of construction, condition, draining conditions, traffic conditions, building codes, and neighbouring communities.

Step 2: Specialized personnel is called upon to remove dangerous materials from the building prior to demolition, such as asbestos minerals, radioactive substances, flammable materials, and petroleum contamination.

Step 3: Uttam Blastech handles the supply of explosives from authorised sources.

Implosion is planned by taking site-specific parameters into account. Further, installation of demolition explosives is executed as per the plan. 

Step 4: Uttam Blastech conducts thorough supervision during the process of an explosion. Nomis Mini SuperGraph II, a vibration measuring device is also installed in place and monitored to ensure that the vibration limits are not exceeded.

Step 5: The aftermath of demolition is clearing the large quantity of debris and also recycling the waste. Uttam Blastech takes care of this exhaustive task as well.

Uttam Blastech supervises a demolition project for Ultratech Cements right next to an electricity supply plant.

Case Study 1

Client Name: Rajashree Cements of Ultratech Cements

Project and Constraint:

Demolition of a 25 meter tall and heavily built crusher in a working mine, right next to a transfer supplying electricity to the entire mine.

Our Approach:

Uttam Blastech started work on this project for just a single day and demolished the structure at a fraction of the cost of alternate technologies. The entire area was cleared of debris in 10 days.
Final Outcome: A perfect and safe demolition