Environmental Impact Assessment

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At Uttam Blastech, we believe in helping our clients conserve the environment. 

Unfortunately, a rapidly developing nation like ours ignores the sensitivity and balance of the environment. For example, the mining industry alone, if unchecked, would produce local, regional and global impacts like erosion, loss of biodiversity, seismic faults, contamination of soil, groundwater and surface water by the chemical byproducts of mining. Ultimately, we hold the responsibility to ensure that we leave a better planet for our future generations. 

According to the Ministry of Environment & Forests (2006), it is mandatory for projects such as mining, thermal power plants, river valley, infrastructure (road, highway, ports, harbours and airports) and industries to get environmental clearance. 

So where does Uttam Blastech come in? 

At Uttam Blastech, we care for the environment while employing a careful approach towards developing infrastructure. Our Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) promises to foresee and address potential problems at the planning and design stages of any project. 

Environmental Impact Assessment has several steps. 

  • Screening: Uttam Blastech’s expert team conducts an initial triage to assess whether an EIA is required. After establishing the need, the scope of the project is mapped out. The project is screened for location, scale of investment, type of statutory clearance etc. 
  • Scoping: After screening the project for potential complications, Uttam Blastech maps the potential consequences to mitigate negative impacts. 
  • Baseline data collection: We continue to collect environmental data of the region to make informed decisions before the project is implemented. 
  • Impact assessment: A detailed study of the impacts (positive vs. negative impacts, reversible vs. irreversible impacts) is carried out to further justify the project’s execution. 
  • Mitigation Measures: Uttam Blastech’s EIA report contains a detailed report of how environmental impacts and disasters can be mitigated, as well as a comprehensive list of recommendations 
  • Public Hearing: Consulting environmental stakeholders and the public makes our recommendation thorough and mindful of the project’s social impact.
  • Decision Making: Uttam Blastech makes a final recommendation with an environmental lens to comment on the feasibility and possibility of the project. The Environmental Impact Assessment is presented along with an Environmental Management Plan (EMP), a site-specific roadmap that ensures an environmentally sustainable execution of the project while taking into account the several stakeholders like critical personnel and contractors.