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Focus on productivity, safety and profits for your company and let Uttam Blastech take care of all your mining, excavation and quarrying requirements. Uttam Blastech operates the quarry with the principal’s machinery and its manpower.

1. Back office work for mining, orebody modelling, resource estimation, feasibility, and pre-feasibility reports, legal compliances and mine planning

Good mine planning provides the foundation for high performance by identifying the potential value of mineral resources and providing a pragmatic strategy for extraction under all scenarios. Hence the high performance is not only limited to a low cost per tonne of ore or high productivity of equipment but is defined by creating the most value for a mine’s stakeholders. These are just some of the essential activities before starting a mine.
With industry expertise and experience over several years, mine planning and related activities are taken care of by Uttam Blastech without much hassle.

2. Reports on vibrations, pre-blast surveys and vibration monitoring

When rock blasting is involved in a project, vibration monitoring and pre-blast surveys become mandatory to insulate the company against legal actions and local laws. This is clearly precautionary and is done to safeguard men, materials and money involved in the project. And more importantly against future legal hassles.

With expertise in handling critical cases, Uttam Blastech offers professional advice for legal compliances.

Note: In the pre-blast/ pre-construction survey, Uttam Blastech records the condition of the structures in the vicinity so that neighbours who claim for damages can be countered with the findings of this survey.

3. Third-party opinions on your Indian partner’s compliance standards

With the development of businesses world over, many foreign companies now invest in Indian construction and real estate companies either directly or through their investment subsidiaries. As such, they are at risk of being prosecuted in their home country if any legal standards are violated in the projects based in India.

As a mining and excavation consultant, Uttam Blastech is well aware of all legal risks involved in the project at every level and will help evade it right from the beginning of the project, if any.

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