Statutory And Legal Compliances

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Dealing with explosives automatically puts you and your project in risky territory. Several laws are fine tuned to govern blasting and explosives. The Explosives Substance Act goes back to as early as 1908 which requires the intent of the explosion to be justified. 

Similarly, the Explosives Rules (2008) is a detailed set of laws that govern the safety of transport, storage, and use of explosives. 

Safety in Transport Safety in Storage Safety in Usage 
These rules detail the condition, precautions, legal requirements, licenses, and materials used for the transport of explosives.  Effective storage of explosives requires compliance with laws like the condition and licensure of the magazine under the supervision of a blasting agent  It is crucial to determine any defects, discontinuation of electric power and other conditions pertaining the firing of the explosion


Unknowingly breaking these laws can have disastrous consequences for your organization including hefty fees and legal battles. 

Uttam Blastech offers legal assistance to ensure seamless execution of your project. 

To ensure smooth compliance and harmony with the laws surrounding your project, Uttam Blastech offers a multifaceted approach to legal assistance. 

Advising  Reviews Risk Analysis  Slope Stability Analysis
To navigate statutory compliances surrounding blasting and explosives  Executing Periodic surveys,Safety Audits, Noise Survey, Lighting Survey.  To comply with industry standards.  Determining the mineralization slope to navigate legal compliances 

To navigate several licenses pertaining explosives of different quantities and impact, Uttam Blastech provides legal assistance with acquiring the following licenses. 

Purpose of License License Forms Granting Authority
License to possess for use of explosives of class 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7 in a magazine. Quantity< 25 kgs LE-3 District Magistrate
License to possess for use of explosives of class 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7 in a magazine. Quantity> 25 kgs LE-3 Chief Controller Of Explosives (CCE)
License to transport explosives in a road van LE-7 Chief Controller Of Explosives (CCE)
Short firer’s/ Blaster’s certificate LE-10 Chief Controller Of Explosives (CCE)