Corporate Timeline

Bringing Expertise & Precision to Exploration, Estimation & Excavation


The many ‘firsts’ that make us the pioneer you would want to associate with…

  • First company in Combined Andhra Pradesh to use Detonating fuse for Construction Blasting. 
  • First to use more than 1 delay in Blast Hole to meet charge per delay requirements in the year 2002. Download case study
  • First to use shock tubes in the year 2002/ Using shock tubes since 2003 
  • First to use a seismograph in the year 2002. 
  • First to offer an alternate Seismograph to Indian Seismograph users since 2003. Download Seiesmograph brochure 
  • First in the world to design and manufacture easy to use VOD meters and Delay Timers to measure the Velocity of Detonators and accuracy of Delay Detonators Download VOD Brochure   
  • First company in India to offer remote data transfer of seismographs and permanent seismograph stations. 
  • First to manufacture Blast Hole Measuring Instrument. Download
  • First to manufacture Electronic Software Driven DGMS (Director General of Mines Safety) standards-compliant Exploders in India. Download Brochure


Our newest additions:

  • We have manufactured Shaker Tables for calibration of seismographs since 2015. .
  • We also manufacture Exploders and Shock Tubes for European and American markets, all meeting stringent safety requirements of EU, USA.
    Download Brochure