Quarry Planning

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Quarry planning comes with a range of problems like budget limitations and timeline, quarry vicinity, environmental impact etc. that need to be addressed in order to smoothly meet end project goal.

If the quarrying is being done close to a public place, all the permissions required for it should be procured well before the project starts to avoid litigations. If a quarry needs to be excavated on top of a hill, the operational costs and resources, as well as the direction of quarrying, need to be planned in advance to avoid idle time on site. In both cases, a sturdy emergency plan needs to be in place, in case something goes wrong on the site.

Three golden rules of quarry planning

Having encountered some of the trickiest quarry planning situations, Uttam Blastech has formulated three best ways to avoid losses during quarrying operations,

– Quarry is as close as possible to the place of consumption 

– Quarry is as far as possible from a public place

– Machines are always working on site

In simple words, quarry planning requires expertise as well as experience. Uttam Blastech will ensure that the current plan for your project doesn’t just carry out smooth operations or cut costs but also benefit your overall business.

How will Uttam Blastech chalk out the best plan for your project?

Step 1: Help to decide between different quarry locations, in some remote cases, also help to locate the quarry itself 

Step 2: Suggest the method of quarrying depending on the quarry location, capital costs, end project goal and environmental impact

Step 3: Suggest the right machinery for the project

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Step 4: Advice on all statutory permissions required before quarrying (especially if the site location is close to public places or on unlevelled surfaces)

Step 5: Present a report, based on the three golden rules and a SWOT analysis, that gives the most seamless quarry planning solution

Read below to find our how Uttam Blastech blasted a quarry right next to a village

Case Study 1:

Client Name : RMC Ready Mix India Pvt Ltd

Project and Constraint:

Blast a quarry next to a village. This would have effects on the daily activities of local people and needed statutory permissions.

Our Approach:

Develop proper benches in the mine and use controlled blasting

Ensure each blast is well within vibrations and noise limitations

Final Outcome:

The project was executed in just a fortnight on a single-shift basis with 1 excavator, 1 wagon drill, 1 jackhammer and some dumpers

Uttam Blastech smoothly helped in expanding a quarry into a rubber plantation

Case Study 2:

Client Name : Name withheld on request

Project and Constraint:

When a quarry owner wanted to expand his quarry by acquiring a neighbouring property- an expensive rubber plantation in Kerala, Uttam Blastech was brought on board to plan the quarrying

Our Approach:

Firstly estimate the overburden material, total geological reserve and mineable reserve

Final Outcome:

Once all costs and reserves were estimated, the quarry was expanded without any hassle