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Take neighbours and Authorities into Confidence : Ground Vibrtion Damage Assesment from the Experts.

Uttam Blastechʼs first-of-its-kind Vibroman service offering allows you to get an operator who carries the instrument to the site, sets it up and after the desired monitoring time brings back the instrument.

Readings are analysed by an expert who understands ground vibrations. This is followed by creating a detailed report of the same.

Vibroman is versatile because it brings to you vibration monitoring, expert analysis, opinion, feedback and certification together in one service – all thanks to our in-depth experience in studying Ground Vibrations.

Why Vibroman ?

  • No human error
  • Location of the readings canʼt be disputed
  • Highly transparent
  • Added benefits: Automatic Alerts on crossing certain
    limits can be arranged.
  • Service Availability: 24x7x365

Check list for selection

  • Does the agency you are hiring use calibrated instruments?
  • How frequently instruments are calibrated?
  • How many instruments they have?
  • Can they send a replacement within in 24 hours?
  • How big is the team?
  • Who are their clients?

Why Uttam Blastech ?

  • With over 22 years of experience in blasting, excavation and mining, Uttam Blastech provides mining, infrastructure, excavation, and blasting-related services, with a team that solves complex assignments across verticals in mining and excavation.
  • With technology at the forefront, we consistently deliver the most effective solutions to meet your needs within the budget and time.

Product & Services


On-site vibration Measurement now offered as a service.On-demand. Pay-per-day

Shock tube initiators

Uttam Blastech a poineer in excavations brings you India’s first,make-in-India SHock tube

Scientific Studies

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Case Study

Reliance Gas Pipelines

When Reliance Gas pipelines Pvt Ltd a subsidiary of Reliance Industries was worried about the impact of nearby Blasting operations on their pipelines, they approached Uttam.

Uttam Blastechstudied the sources of Blasting in nearby areas and studied the likely impact it is likely to cause on their pipelines.

The impact was compared with the best international practices and action advised.

ONGC ( Oil and Natural Gas Commission)

When ONGS urgently needed to carry out Vibration impact assessment of their drilling operations in remote corner of North East India, they approached Uttam Blastechwith a specific requirement to completer the study and submit the report in 21 days from the date of order. 21 days included travel time, approval of draft report and all other formalities.

Uttam Blastechtook just 16 days for the entire process.

L&T Metro

During the construction of Hyderabad Metro, L& T metro faced a challenge that, Blasting was needed for foundation of pillars and the station. Alignment was passing through the rocky terrain and VIP areas at many places. Blasting at many places had to be done next to many sensitive structures.

Uttam Blastechdid Vibration monitoring and ensured that all the blasts are safe without compromising on productivity and safety.

General Motors Pune

General Motors in their pune plant had to do some Rock Excavation next to a place where Robots were working.

GM approached Uttam. Uttam Blastechdid the analysis and came out with a concrete plan and the process of Rock Blasting without damaging the Robots.


When Aecom had to complete a Vibration study with 24 hours of monitoring for Pune Metro. Aecom approached Uttam. Uttam Blastechwithout caring for the rains completed the work in time in spite of rains and COVID

Client Speak

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– Chef Mine Engineer, Singareni Coileries Ltd

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