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Not all ground vibrations are dangerous, but some certainly are. Excessive ground vibrations from activities like blasting, underground drilling, pile driving etc. have the potential to cause damage to surrounding structures, human beings and animals.

However, each piece of land has a threshold value until which it can sustain ground vibrations. Beyond this limit,  it might either show cracks or in worst cases, collapse. 

To ensure all vibrations during any construction or excavation activity are within permissible limits, they have to be measured and monitored. For the same purpose, seismographs are used. 

Why Uttam Blastech?

To fill the quality gap in the market, Uttam Blastech manufactures seismographs. 

Today, it offers three kinds of seismographs, each with unique additional features to help serve your needs better. Uttam Blastech’s seismograph is called the Nomis MiniSuperGraph II.

All about Uttam Blastech’s Nomis MiniSuperGraphII

– Reliable 

– Easy installation

– Instant data readings

– Comply with ISEE standards

– Large sample collection

– Large storage (up to 65k events)

– Variant storage forms (bar graph, waveform etc.)

Service your seismograph to pin-point accuracy with us

Another unique service Uttam Blastech offers is the servicing and repair of a seismograph. Read the steps to know how to go about it,

Step 1: Courier your seismograph to our facility in Hyderabad, India

Step 2: We will repair and calibrate your instrument with authorised personnel and as per OEM standards

Step 3: A perfectly calibrated, ready-to-use seismograph will be delivered to you


Nomis MiniSeismograph Brochure