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Scientific Studies : Legally Compliant and Accepted by all the Authorities

Uttam Blastech offers Scientific Studies pertaining to different facets of mining like slope stability, vibration monitoring, environmental impact assessment, etc. for statutory legal compliances.

Our studies are acceptable to /compatible with /certified by the Ministry of Labor & Employment and the Ministry of Environment & Forests.

Service Availability

  • Lesser costs
  • Higher safety
  • Less environmental damage
  • Improved legal compliances

Check list for Scientific studies

  • Do they understand your Requirement fully?
  • How much time does it take to complete the study?
  • How flexible are their commercial terms
  • Can they respond to your immediate Needs?
  • Will they explain/Defend their report in case of any questions from the authorities?

Why Uttam Blastech ?

  • Calibration and maintenance services to ensure that your equipmentis always operating at its best
  • On site training and support to help you learn how to use your seismograph effectively
  • Expert advice and guidance from our team of experienced seismologists & mine consultants

Product & Services


On-site vibration Measurement now offered as a service.On-demand. Pay-per-day


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Stemming Plugs

Upto 25% increase in productivity with our indepth audit of excavation projects.

Case Study

Orient Cements

When some villagers near the mine of Orient cement complaint about damage due vibrations. Uttam Blastech studied the veracity of the complaints and gave a report to them to obtain permissions under Metalliferous Mines Regulations.

Client Speak

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– Chef Mine Engineer, Singareni Coileries Ltd

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