Vibration Measurement

Bringing Expertise & Precision to Exploration, Estimation & Excavation

Uttam Blastechʼs first-of-its-kind Vibration monitoring service – Vibroman gives you round-the-clock, precise and reliable vibration measurement and monitoring for your Environmental, Excavation and Mining projects. With state-of-the-art remote-access enabled seismographs, fully trained technicians backed by robust data analysis capabilities, Uttam Blastech not only measures & logs your vibration levels, but it also logs all seismic activity and alerts you when the threshold barriers are crossed.

Well Calibrated Seismic stations

Vibroman utilizes advanced seismographs, renowned for their accuracy and precision. These cutting-edge instruments enable us to measure vibrations generated during excavation activities, traffic movement and other activities with unparalleled reliability. Our seismographs capture the full spectrum of vibrations, providing you with accurate and detailed data.

24/7 Vibration Monitoring for Uninterrupted Insights

We understand the importance of round-the-clock vibration monitoring for critical projects. With Vibroman, we offer 24×7 monitoring services, providing real-time insights into vibration levels throughout the entire duration of your project. Our monitoring systems capture data at regular intervals, ensuring comprehensive coverage and enabling detailed analysis of vibration patterns over time.

Threshold Alerts for Prompt Response

Our monitoring systems are equipped with customizable threshold settings. Whenever vibration levels exceed predetermined thresholds, Vibroman promptly alerts your designated personnel via automated notifications. This proactive approach allows for immediate response and intervention, helping prevent potential damage or violations.

Legal Protection and Documentation

Vibroman ensures that your excavation project is equipped with robust, legally defensible data. Our monitoring systems meticulously record vibration data, creating a comprehensive record of vibration levels and patterns. This documented data serves as evidence to legally challenge any unfounded claims of structural damage. With Vibroman, you can confidently protect your project and reputation.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

We understand the importance of complying with local regulations and standards regarding vibration levels during excavation. Vibroman ensures that your project remains within permissible limits, minimizing the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties. By demonstrating adherence to regulatory requirements, you uphold a responsible and professional approach to your excavation operations.

Expert Analysis and Detailed Reporting

At Vibroman, our team of experienced professionals analyses the collected vibration data and generates comprehensive reports. These reports offer detailed insights into vibration levels, trends, and potential impacts. Our experts interpret the data and provide recommendations to optimize excavation practices, minimize vibrations, and mitigate risks effectively.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Project Needs

We recognize that each excavation project is unique. That’s why Vibroman offers customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need short-term monitoring for a specific phase or long-term monitoring for the entire duration, we can adapt our services to accommodate your project’s needs.


Your own Vibration Measurement


Instruments used Seismograph Seismograph with Remote access
Calibration Varies Calibrated before use
Number of instruments used Usually only one or two Multiple seismographs each covering a sensitive area
Defect Handling Takes time for replacement Immediate replacement
Technical Personnel Trained Operator required Trained Operator, Supervisors & Data Analysts
Cost Capital Investment + AMC Charges + Calibration costs + Man Power Costs Pay-per-use
Legal Protection Data can be challenged in court Uttam Blastech certifies the data measurement reports