Vibration Measurement

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Whenever there is a blast, the ground vibrates. Greater the intensity of the blasting, greater the ground vibrations. However, each piece of land has a threshold value until which it can sustain ground vibrations. Beyond this limit, it might either show cracks or in worst cases, collapse. 

This is an important metric to take note of while conducting a blasting operation. The concern and worry of people in the neighbouring structures during high levels of ground vibrations might attract trouble in the form of complaints and even court cases. Aside from people in the neighbourhood, ground vibrations also perturb sensitive equipment in the case of hospitals and broadcasting stations or cause damage to ancient religious places and heritage structures. 

How can Uttam Blastech help you in monitoring ground vibrations, safely and effectively?

As an expert in this field, Uttam Blastech recognises the importance of adhering to government-prescribed vibration limits. In some tricky cases where scientific methodologies and preconceived levels of vibrations do not seem to work, Uttam Blastech also uses its time-tested empirical formulas to identify the threshold levels, hence ensuring a safe blast. 

Violation of permissible limits can lead to a legal proceeding against the blasting companies. To avoid this, Uttam Blastech provides a service of continuous vibration monitoring which helps in real-time identification of threshold breach. Uttam Blastech also offers legal consultation on statutory compliances and risk analysis as per required standards.

Uttam Blastech is also the first company in India to use Remote Vibration Monitoring, a recently developed technology in this field.

Learn how Uttam Blatech remotely monitored ground vibrations for one of India’s biggest conglomerates, when they planned to set up a venture in Palghar

Case Study

Client Name : Big Indian conglomerate (Name withheld upon client request)

Project and Constraint:

When a prominent Indian conglomerate, was setting up a new venture in Palghar, a seismic-activity sensitive area, they were worried about the impact of minor earthquakes on the pipelines that were just laid. Uttam Blastech was brought on-board to assess vibrations and avoid any damage to the project

Our Approach:

– Set-up a permanent monitoring station in and nearby the site 

– Check the IoT seismographs 24 hours and document the recordings thoroughly

Final Outcome:

The recordings showed that the ground vibrations were within the prescribed limits and the client was able to carry on the work without further delay


Noise Measurement

Noise, like vibrations from blasting, is a significant factor and can be disturbing to neighbour residents or other workers in the area. It is also one of the leading elements of blasting complaints. Noise measurement can be more tricky than ground vibration measurement. 

Aside from the common solutions like using muffling material on-site, use of noise-reducing screens, Uttam Blastech has a range of unique solutions it has gathered over years to measure and monitor sound effectively.