Pre-Blast Survey – A Saviour for Construction Industry during blasting within city limits

posted on March 27th 2019 with

Blasting is a necessity for construction companies, however, it has become an enormous challenge to blast within city limits. Due to the rocky terrain in many parts of India, encountering rock during excavation is quite common. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of property damage complaints against excavation contractors working […]

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Continuous Monitoring of Ground Vibrations and Noise

posted on November 6th 2017 with

Ground vibrations are measured, as a practice, whenever they are of a concern. The degree of concern and necessity to measure ground vibrations varies from very high to medium or low. A great number of Coal/ Limestone mines/ Iron Ore Mines/ Quarries, in India, fall under a high concern zone since villages and other critical […]

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The Role of Third Party Consultants in Aiding Lawyers

posted on October 24th 2017 with

Litigation related to blasting mostly occurs due to negligence on the contractor’s part and when they forget to take the neighborhood into confidence. Without finding solid evidence and information people consider cracks and crevices as blasting damages, without checking the previous condition of the structures. This is where the role of Lawyers kicks in. These […]

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Reliability of measuring systems – Confidence building

posted on September 26th 2017 with

  The reliability of data measured from ground vibrations and air blasts plays a significant role in risk mitigation. It is essential to understand that there are two parties involved in this process. Project Management being the first, responsible for generating ground vibrations and air blasts, and the neighborhood (people living in the proximity) being […]

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