Blasting Damage

Rock Blasting

Damage due to Rock Blasting chiefly can be classified as damage due to

  1. Fly Rock or Flying Fragments
  2. Ground Vibrations
  3. Noise ( correctly Air overhead Pressure)

Fly Rock

Flying Fragments or Fly Rock is the easiest control with

  1. Better Blast Design and
  2. Covering Blasting area with Suitable Covering material and Selecting Blasting Mats

Ground Vibrations

  • Every Structure can withstand certain amount of Vibrations.
  • Fortunately considerable research took place in this area and most of the countries have prescribed limits for ground vibrations. Some states and towns may have their own standards, hence it is advisable to check the standards before commencing the blasting operations.
  • Download Vibration Limits:


  • Damage due to Sudden and continuous exposure to Noise is well Known. View Note on Decibel Levels.
  • How Do I ensure that my structure is safe?
    Preferably ask the Blaster or the Builder to get a third party record structural conditions such as visible cracks etc..Of your property. This helps in knowing the quality of your property and supports your claim in case of dispute. Insist on signing the inspection report yourself along with the person who is employed to do such recording.
  • Let Each Blast be monitored for Vibrations and AOP (air overhead pressure).
    In case of doubt ask for the report.
  • Can I get record of all the blasts?
    No. Instruments records all the readings above certain limits otherwise Memory will be full of spurious and unwanted events.
  • In case you of doubt check the trigger limits that can be verified in the instrument or is mentioned on the graph.