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Uttam Blastech offers a wide range of specialised equipment to facilitate hassle-free mining and construction endeavours. In addition, Uttam Blastech pioneers in customising equipment to match the requirements of its clients.

Our Products



To fill the quality gap in the market, Uttam Blastech manufactures seismographs. 

Today, it offers three kinds of seismographs, each with unique additional features to help serve your needs better. Uttam Blastech’s seismograph is called the Nomis MiniSuperGraph II.


Blasting Mats

Being a key player in the industry for more than 25 years, Uttam Blastech had observed the drawbacks of all blasting mats available in the market. Wanting to put all this experience into fruition, Uttam Blastech was keen to develop a blasting mat that would not only serve its purpose but was also economically viable.


VOD Meter

After investing in extensive research, Uttam Blastech now produces digital VOD meters & delay timer that are accurate and easy to use. Uttam Blastech, for the first time, also gives the explosive user to know the VOD and precision of delay detonator immediately after the blast in the field.