Exploration to Excavation and Everything in-between & Beyond

Path-Breaking Service to Match Amazing Products

Uttam offers a wide range of specialised equipment to facilitate hassle-free Mining and Construction endeavours. In addition, Uttam pioneers customising equipment to match the requirements of its clients. The products on offer include:-

  • Error Free Seismographs
    An authorised dealer for NOMIS Seismographs Uttam caters to Sales, service and hire of them. Download Brochure.
  • Blasting Mats
    Use the Right Blasting Mats, and control Blasting Fly rock. Download Brochure.
  • Shock Tube Initiator
    If you are using a detonator to blast your Non Electric Blasting circuit; or you not risking electricity hazards. Use Shock Tube initiator. Download Brochure.
  • VOD Meter & Delay Timer: 

Our portable VOD meter measures VOD of an explosive cartridge or detonating fuse. Delay Timer and VOD Meter come with IP65 protection against dust and water, it has an easily readable graphic display, & calibration reminders.