1. Infrastructure

Blasting is the primary operation in mining, quarrying and civil construction works such as site levelling, foundation and trench excavations, etc. It is the cheapest, fastest and safest way of rock blasting, if executed properly and is the preferred option for any kind of communication.

The infrastructure industry relies on excavation to a great extent. As with any project, complexities might arise even in an excavation project which might include the use of explosives, slope stability, use of right machinery, legal compliances, addressing neighbourhood concerns and more. 

Due to the rich and varied experience in infrastructure, Uttam Blastech can provide customised solutions for every excavation problem.

What are the different ways in which Uttam Blastech can help you?

Uttam Blastech will ensure that the solutions for your infrastructure project do not just help to carry out smooth operations or cut costs but also benefit your overall business.

Uttam Blastech’s solutions for the infrastructure industry include,

– Geological and geophysical investigations

– Machinery selection

– Legal compliances and advisory

– Blasting methodology

– Damage mitigation

Learn how Uttam Blastech helped NTPC blast right next to a Power Producing Turbine

Case Study:

Client NameNTPC
Project and Constraint:When NTPC (Super Thermal Power Station) decided to expand their Super Thermal Unit at Ramagundam Super Thermal Power Station, the challenge was to excavate around 37,000 cubic meters of rock in a very critical area 20 metres away from their power-producing turbine which was also 6 metres away from a pump house that supplies water to the entire unit.
Our Approach– The first challenge was to convince about the efficacy and the safety of the proposed methodology. A seminar was arranged with the team to address their concerns where it was agreed that the initial blast would be conducted at the farthest place as a trial.– Another challenge was to obtain all the permissions required to use the explosives as the area was terrorist infested at that time. It took considerable time to convince the authorities about the measures taken to ensure the safekeeping of explosives.
Final Outcome:Once everything was in place, the work was executed in 37 days i.e. blasting and excavating, 1000 cubic metres per day, in spite of all the hurdles and concerns.

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