Metals : Slag & Oversize Breaking

  1. Metals : Slag & Oversize Breaking

Among the many challenges in the metal processing industry, slag breakage is a huge one. Most of the existing methods of slag breakage are either time consuming, costly, unsafe or all, most of the times. Another concern is the hardness of the metal. Harder the metal bigger the problem.

How does Uttam Blastech solve the problem?

A key industry player for over 25 years, Uttam Blastech has observed this issue on multiple occasions. Being a company that emphasises on solutions, Uttam Blastech has developed a method to drill and blast any type of slag, including steel. 

To this end, trials were also successfully conducted in a steel plant where SMS slag (pooled iron) breakage is a huge problem. Uttam Blastech thoroughly analyses your requirements of slag breakage and then decides on the fastest and most economical method.

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