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Blasting is a primary operation in construction work. As it involves the use of explosives, it can result in the loss of men, material and money if the operation is not conducted rightly. To avoid this, there are some key points that need to be looked at before blasting such as a pre-blast survey, neighbouring structures etc.

Why Uttam Blastech is the perfect real-estate blasting consultant?

The aim of any real-estate project is quality output in the most economical way. For example, using high quality and uniformly sized explosives might seem expensive at the start, but will greatly reduce costs in the end.

A guide to the right blasting plan will not only help you achieve the desired outcome but also save 20% on overall costs. To this end, there is no better guide than Uttam Blastech, with over 25 years of experience. From helping numerous real-estate clients plan their blasting in a public area to supervising blasting in extremely challenging geographical areas, Uttam Blastech will leave no stone unturned for a safe and cost-effective blast.

Uttam Blastech’s offerings for real-estate don’t end at just planning

We also offer,

– Legal compliances and advisory

– Machinery selection for excavation

– Damage mitigation

– Geological and geophysical investigation

– Vibration and noise measurement

Read how Uttam Blastech saved the developer of GVK mall when locals almost filed a court case citing damages due to high vibrations

Case Study

Client NameGVK
Project and Constraint:When the prominent Indian conglomerate, GVK was constructing a new mall in Banjara Hills in 2003 the neighbouring residents almost filed a court case against the developer citing damages due to the blasts. Uttam Blastech was brought on-board to assess vibrations and protect the developer
Our Approach:Monitor ground vibrations in the nearby structures of blasting through seismographs and documented the recordings thoroughly
Final Outcome:The recordings showed that the ground vibrations were within the prescribed limits and the client was able to carry on the work without further delay

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