Oil and Gas Industries

  1. Oil and Gas Industries

Oil and gas pipelines pass through all the terrains of our country.

In many cases, blasting is carried out by small-scale and neighbouring property owners in a manner that may damage the pipelines. Another cause of concerns is earthquakes. Micro-earthquakes also cause displacements for which pipelines are not designed.

How can Uttam Blastech help in such a situation?

Uttam Blatech understands this in-depth. We assess the potential damage to a pipeline from the blasting operations and help in mitigating them. Uttam Blastech can install seismograph stations to monitor ground vibrations continuously to understand the nature and intensity of vibrations.

Uttam Blatech remotely monitored ground vibrations for one of India’s biggest conglomerates when they planned to set up a venture in Palghar

Case Study:

Client Name:Big Indian conglomerate (Name withheld upon client request)
Project and Constraint:When a prominent Indian conglomerate, was setting up a new venture in Palghar, a seismic-activity sensitive area, they were worried about the impact of minor earthquakes on the pipelines that were just laid. Uttam Blastech was brought on-board to assess vibrations and avoid any damage to the project
Our Approach:– Set-up a permanent monitoring station in and nearby the site – Check the IoT seismographs 24 hours and document the recordings thoroughly
Final Outcome:The recordings showed that the ground vibrations were within the prescribed limits and the client was able to carry on the work without further delay

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