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Implosion / Demolition
Implosion / Demolition
Published on February 18, 2015

Project Details – Bhuj earthquake

After Bhuj Earthquake demolition of damaged buildings was a challenge. A challenge well taken by our Mr. Sarvate. As situation demanded, he demolished 115 buildings.
Limca book of Records noted this achievement.


Restoration and Rebuilding fast and quick begins with timely, fast and accurate demolition by Uttam.

Project Details – ultratech cements

  • Client Name: Rajashree Cements of Ultratech Cements.
  • Location: Adityanagar, Malkhed Road, Gulbarga District, Karnataka State.


  • Implosion of a 25 meter tall heavily built crusher in a working mine next to a transfer supplying electricity to the entire Mineto mine to release around 20 Million tons of Limestone Reserves beneath the crusher.


  • Uttam Started the Work on 27.04.2013 and demolished the structure on 28.04.2013 at around 04.30 pm at fraction of the cost of alternate technologies.
  • The entire area was cleared of debris in 10 days.

End Result

  • A perfect and the most appreciated demolition. From On the 11th day, the crusher is a memory

Quote from Client

  • A mail from Mr S.K. Gupta, Executive President:
    “Thanks a lot good job done by your team , we will in touch when any further requirement arises.”

Uttam for the best and the most reliable and when you can’t take any chances.

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