Blasting Advisory

Blasting Advisory

Blasting, being a primary operation in mining, quarrying and construction work, needs to be conducted as safely as possible. As it involves the use of explosives, it can result in the loss of men, material and money if not done rightly. Recent studies also show that fragmentation of the mine during blasting accounts for only 20-30% of the total amount of explosive energy used, while the rest of the energy is wasted in the form of ground vibrations, flyrock and air overpressure.

Why do you need blasting advisory?

The main of any blasting project should be to minimise the production of non-useful energy. This is only possible with a well-formulated blast design. A good blast design should take into account many lesser-known factors like spacing between the feed holes, quality of detonators and fly rock.

Another major goal of blasting operation is a quality output in the most economical way. For example, using high-quality and uniformly sized explosives might seem expensive at the start, but will greatly reduce costs in the end.

A guide to the right blasting plan will not only help you achieve the desired outcome but also save 20% on overall costs. To this end, there is no better guide than Uttam Blastech, with over 25 years of experience. From helping clients plan their blasting in a public area to supervising blasting in extremely challenging geographical areas, Uttam Blastech will leave no stone unturned for a safe and cost-effective blast.

360-degree services for a Safe and Cost-Effective Blast

  • Blast design 
  • Fragmentation analysis
  • Ground vibration and noise measurement
  • Explosive quality check
  • Blast performance optimisation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 

Vibration Measurement by Vibroman

Uttam Blastech’s first-of-its-kind Vibroman service provides comprehensive vibration monitoring and analysis for Environmental, Excavation, and Mining projects. An operator sets up the instrument on-site, retrieves it after monitoring, and expert analysts interpret the data to create detailed reports. Vibroman offers precise, reliable, round-the-clock measurements with state-of-the-art remote access seismographs, fully trained technicians, and robust data analysis. The service also logs seismic activity and alerts you when thresholds are crossed, ensuring thorough and expert feedback and certification.

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Controlled Blasting Advisory

Blasting is highly efficient for rock excavation, utilizing only 20-30% of explosive energy for actual fragmentation. Uttam Blastech ensures efficient use of this energy by monitoring ground vibrations and evaluating explosive quality with VOD Meter technology, maintaining compliance with industry standards.

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Dust Suppression

While it is inevitable that dust is produced during a construction, mining or excavation operation, it is imperative to have it under control. Excess dust is harmful not only to the men working on site or the neighbours around but also to the machinery that is being used and the land on which the operation is being conducted. 

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Explosives and Accessories Testing

Uttam Blastech enhances blasting safety and efficiency by offering unique on-site explosives testing, the only global provider of this service. They also produce VOD meters, precision-verified at IIT Kharagpur, ensuring accurate and cost-effective blasting operations.

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Flyrock Control

Flyrock from blasting operations can cause severe safety hazards and damage. Minimizing this involves careful blast design, focusing on safety and efficiency. Uttam Blastech provides expert guidance to ensure blast designs reduce non-useful energy, protecting people and structures.

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Rock breaking without explosives

Selecting the right rock-breaking method is crucial when blasting isn’t an option. Considering project specifics and goals, Uttam Blastech provides expert guidance to choose the most efficient and cost-effective technique, leveraging extensive experience in diverse environments.

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Case Study 1

Uttam Blastech helped NTPC blast right next to a Power Producing Turbine

Client NTPC
Project and Constraint:When NTPC (Super Thermal Power Station) decided to expand their Super Thermal Unit at Ramagundam Super Thermal Power Station, the challenge was to excavate around 37,000 cubic meters of rock in a very critical area 20 metres away from their power-producing turbine, which was also 6 metres away from a pump house that supplies water to the entire unit.
Our Approach:– The first challenge was to convince about the efficacy and the safety of the proposed methodology. A seminar was arranged with the team to address their concerns, and it was agreed that the initial blast would be conducted at the farthest place as a trial.

– Another challenge was to obtain all the permissions required to use the explosives, as the area was terrorist-infested at that time. It took considerable time to convince the authorities about the measures taken to ensure the safekeeping of explosives.
Final Outcome:Once everything was in place, the work was executed in 37 days i.e. blasting and excavating, 1000 cubic metres per day, in spite of all the hurdles and concerns.

Case Study 2

Read to know how Uttam Blastech saved DLF from all litigations during a blasting project in an area with historic properties (sensitive to low-level vibrations)

Client DLF Laing O Rourke (India) Ltd
Project and Constraint:Blast 300,000 m³ of rock in a location which was 450m from the Hyderabad Police Commissioner’s office, 1 km from the Secretariat and in close proximity to heritage structures. DLF approached Uttam Blastech to conduct a pre-blast survey and help conduct the entire blasting operation
Our Approach:Create documentation that can stand as evidence in a legal tangleThird-party monitoring of all the blasts to act as evidence in case of litigationEnsure that the contract adheres to prescribed vibration limits
Final Outcome:DLF safely blasted and excavated 250,000 m³ of rock from the site.

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