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Selecting a Quarry Area
Selecting a Quarry Area
Published on February 19, 2015

Project Details

  • Client Name: GJF Construction Co. Ltd.,
  • Location: Sonna Barriage, Gulbagra District, Karnataka.


  • Locate a quarrying area very near to the Dam Under construction.
  • When GJF constructions was constructing Sonna Barrage in Gulbarga District of Karnataka State in India.The nearest quarry known to the Irrigation department and shown by them was 17 Kms away from the site.
  • It was an expensive task to manage a quarry and crusher 17 Kms away from the project site and very expensive to have a separate setup only for quarry and crusher.
  • When Uttam was approached, up on preliminary reconnaissance survey it was felt that it should be possible to locate good quality rock deposits a few meters below the soil very near to the dam site.


  • Geological and Geophysical investigations and identify an area with the lowest Over
  • Burden thickness as shown below.

End Result

  • The Result, saving in transportation cost and better Management.

Client Testimonial

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