About Uttam Blastech

  1. About Uttam Blastech

Leaders in mining, blasting, and excavation solutions in India

With over 21 years of experience in blasting, excavation and mining, Uttam Blastech has now reached the pinnacle of mining, infrastructure, excavation, and blasting, with a team that solves complex assignments across verticals in mining and excavation.

Our expertise in vibration monitoring, blasting, and mining, along with our proficiency in complex paperwork and innovative cost-optimization, make us a formidable force in the mining industry. By prioritizing technology, we consistently deliver effective, budget-friendly solutions that meet customer needs on time.

Pioneering Innovations for Mining & Excavation

  • First company in Combined Andhra Pradesh to use Detonating fuse for Construction Blasting. 
  • First to use more than 1 delay in Blast Hole to meet charge per delay requirements in the year 2002. Download case study
  • First to use shock tubes in the year 2002/ Using shock tubes since 2003 
  • First to use a seismograph in the year 2002. 
  • First to offer an alternate Seismograph to Indian Seismograph users since 2003. Download Seiesmograph Brochure 
  • First in the world to design and manufacture easy to use VOD meters and Delay Timers to measure the Velocity of Detonators and accuracy of Delay Detonators Download VOD Brochure   
  • First company in India to offer remote data transfer of seismographs and permanent seismograph stations. 
  • First to manufacture Blast Hole Measuring Instrument. Click here to see more Details
  • First to manufacture Electronic Software Driven DGMS (Director General of Mines Safety) standards-compliant Exploders in India. 
  • We have manufactured Shaker Tables for the calibration of seismographs since 2015.
  • We also manufacture Exploders and Shock Tubes for European and American markets, all meeting stringent safety requirements of EU, USA.


At Uttam, our vision is to be recognized as pioneers in our field by offering economically viable, environmentally sustainable, and legally compliant solutions. We aim to continually update our technological and managerial strengths to provide our clients with the latest technologies, ensuring the highest standards of quality, safety, and business ethics.


Our mission is to precisely define our clients’ problems, translate these into technical and financial terms, and mobilize the most competent resources to deliver quality, cost-effective solutions. We are committed to making the latest technologies available to our clients and customers, helping them achieve their goals while maintaining our values of quality, safety, and business ethics.

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