Rock dredging is associated with several unwanted effects like excessive ground vibrations and whiplash. These, in turn, cause structural damage to surrounding vessels, an annoyance to the public and most importantly damage to marine life. While all damage cannot be eliminated, it can certainly be mitigated by using the right blast design.

In which ways can Uttam Blastech help you?

Uttam Blastech understands the significance of pre-blast surveys in a dredging project, hence carrying out a thorough investigation of the same. 

Step 1: Shortlist the structures to be examined

Uttam Blastech uses its expertise in shortlisting the buildings to be evaluated. Factors like strata, type of buildings, the age of structures around the blasting site are considered to make a decision. The shortlisted buildings are informed about the pre-blast survey and given a schedule of the same.

Step 2: Conduct a detailed pre-blast survey

An exhaustive survey of the interiors and exteriors of the shortlisted structures is performed. Survey forms are filled, and observations are duly noted.

Step 3: Prepare reports of the pre-blast survey

The reports are generated by listing the observations of the survey meticulously. Each detail is accompanied by high-resolution photographs/videos for evidence.

Step 4: Safekeeping the reports for future claims

The copies of reports are provided to the blasting contractors as well as the property owners. Uttam Blastech also keeps a record of the reports for future claims, if any.

This is not all. Uttam Blastech even goes a step further by extending more offerings that will take care of any dredging project, start to finish.

– Damage assessment during vibration measurement

– Rock blasting without drilling (in special cases)

– Procurement of explosives

– Assessment of explosive quality

Uttam Blastech helped International Seaport Dredging Pvt. Ltd.conduct a dredging operation next to some important port structures.

Case Study:

Client Name:International Seaport Dredging Pvt. Ltd.
Project and Constraint:Rock blasting was supposed to be carried out near many important and critical structures at the project site in Karwar, Karnataka. It was essential to document the present condition of the structures to avoid damage and litigations in later project stages
Our Approach:– Uttam Blastech conducted a thorough pre-blast survey of the surrounding structures at the project site – All readings, evidence and already existing cracks on structures were documented – The blasts were designed in such a manner that it would not damage any of the structures
Final Outcome:The project was successfully executed

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