Dust Suppression

  1. Dust Suppression

While it is inevitable that dust is produced during a construction, mining or excavation operation, it is imperative to have it under control. Excess dust is harmful to not only the men working on site or the neighbours around but also to the machinery that is being used and the land on which the operation is being conducted. 

Damage to machines:

As dust settles on a machine and its internal parts, more moisture is absorbed. This results in reduced efficiency of a machine bringing down its longevity as well. 

Damage to land:

Similarly, as dust settles on the lands on which an operation is being carried out, the topmost fertile layer of the soil is depleted due to its inefficiency to absorb sunlight and moisture.

Damage to men:

Needless to say, construction dust consists of silica which is harmful to anyone who breathes it. It is responsible for many respiratory ailments, prolonged exposure even leading to mortal conditions like cancer, silicosis and COPD.

Damage to neighbours:

Huge dust clouds are bound to be a cause of concern for most neighbours, especially if the project is right in the middle of a residential area. 

How can Uttam Blastech help you control excess dust in a cost-effective manner?

The team at Uttam Blastech is every inch updated about the most recent developments in everything that is related to mining, construction and excavation in the world. Individually, the team members also have more than 25 years of experience. 

This perfect combination of knowledge and experience makes Uttam Blastech an expert advisor, helping you make only the most measured decisions.

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