Controlled Blasting Advisory

  1. Controlled Blasting Advisory

Blasting is still the most economical and viable method for rock excavation, and displacement in mining as well as in civil construction works. Studies show that fragmentation accounts for only 20-30% of the total amount of explosive energy used while the rest of the energy is wasted in the form of ground vibrations, flyrock and air-overpressure. Factors that influence vibration reduction and improvement of blasting operations can be classified as controllable factors which include the blast geometry, the presence of buffer, type of explosive used, stemming, priming, initiation, and length of a delay interval between two successive shots, while uncontrollable factors include, geomechanical characteristics of rock, geological conditions and initiation timing errors.

The explosives used in blasting are characterised by their properties such as density, strength, and velocity of detonation. The velocity of detonation (VOD) is defined as the rate at which the detonation wave travels through an explosive column. It is one of the most critical properties of explosives and thus, essential that the explosive in the field condition detonates at its optimum rate and induces sufficient detonation pressure leading to good fragmentation.

Uttam Blastech provides end-to-end ground vibration measurement and analysis of a project. We conduct initial as well as ongoing monitoring of ground vibrations to ensure that the guidelines of mining, quarrying, and environment comply. We provide third-party testimonials on vibrations generated in the blasting. We also provide an assessment of the quality of explosives by our indigenously developed VOD Meter.

We provide services for the following:

  • Blast design (controlled blasting) to address specific areas of concern such as improved fragmentation and reduced dilution
  • Providing ground vibration and noise measurement locally and remotely
  • Assessment of quality of explosives by VOD Meter
  • Blast performance evaluation and optimisation
  • Fragmentation analysis
  • Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) due to blasting

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