Rock breaking without explosives

  1. Rock breaking without explosives

While blasting for rock breaking is the most common technique, it is noisy, expensive and requires umpteen number of permissions, hence making it a time-taking process as well. What happens when project deadlines, geography or capital do not allow for rock breaking using blasting? Under such conditions,we use other techniques such as use of splitters, machines, rope cutters or expansive agents. 

But how can one decide the best technique to use for the project? This requires a comprehensive understanding of the current constraints while also keeping in mind the end project goal so as to not compromise on it. Choosing the most suitable rock breaking technique will not only help you meet project requirements but also save on capital costs. 

In short, the best technique to be chosen for rock breaking for a given project requires critical analytical skills as well as expertise to be able to gauge the output. With experience over multiple projects ranging from challenging topographies to packed residential areas, Uttam Blastech will formulate the best advice for you in this matter and everything else related to it.

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