Explosives and Accessories Testing

  1. Explosives and Accessories Testing

Using quality explosives can make a huge difference to a blasting operation. They not only give desired results but in every case also save costs which otherwise might be used unnecessarily in buying more explosives or mitigating damages.

This brings us to the availability of information regarding the quality of explosives while purchasing. In most cases, there is little or no information regarding quality. To bridge this gap of no information between suppliers and buyers, Uttam Blastech now brings explosives and accessories testing to your doorstep. We also pride ourselves as the only company in the world to do this.

To take safety in blasting operations one step further, Uttam Blastech also manufactures these VOD meters to ensure pin-point accuracy. The accuracy of each machine is checked in IIT, Kharagpur. 

Uttam Blastech saved a cement company from getting into trouble by identifying the main cause for high ground vibrations

Case Study

Client Name :Cement Company (Name withheld upon client request)
Project and Constraint:A cement company approached us with a simple problem stating that their ground vibrations were high in spite of not changing any blasting parameters. These vibrations were attracting many complaints from the neighbouring buildings which would soon lead to a legal fiasco.
Our Approach:– We checked the seismograph and found it to be alright. Increased vibrations were also recorded by the seismograph and observed by mine management.– The next suspect was the quality of delay detonators. When checked, scatter of the delay detonators varied widely and was not uniform. Further investigations of the data showed that complaints increased from the time new batch of detonators were used.
Final Outcome:Change the supplier of detonators while periodically checking the quality. The issue had been identified hence saving them getting into further trouble.

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