Special Blasting Applications

  1. Special Blasting Applications

Demolition & implosion

Demolition by implosion is a sophisticated technique used to strategically place explosives within a structure for a controlled collapse. Ideal for high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, bridges, and large constructions where traditional methods are impractical or risky.

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Underwater Blasting

Uttam Blastech provides specialized underwater blasting services for the safe and efficient removal of structures or site preparation for projects like seaports and harbours. Our expert team employs proven methods, prioritizing meticulous planning and stringent safety measures to prevent unintended consequences like excessive vibrations, whiplash, or harm to marine life from shock waves.

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Slag Breakage

Uttam Blastech has innovated a method to break down ferrous and non-ferrous slag in industries such as steel plants and foundries. This technique aids in metal recycling and reclaiming, as well as clearing slag pits.

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