Slag Breakage

  1. Slag Breakage

Uttam Blastech – continuing its innovation in specialized application of explosive usage has pioneered a way to break both ferrous slag and non-ferrous slag in industries such as Steel plants and foundries dealing with large pits of slag and refractory materials. This helps metal companies recycle and reclaim the metals and free up slag pits.

Assessment and Planning

Uttam Blastech will conduct a thorough assessment of the slag material, its composition, and the desired fragment sizes. In addition to the slag to be blasted, we also evaluate the surrounding environment, nearby structures, and any potential safety hazards in order to determine the appropriate blasting technique and explosives to be used based on the specific characteristics of the slag.

Blast Plan

Based on the outcomes of the assessment, Uttam Blastech will develop a blast plan that includes the drilling mechanism, borehole sizes, energy requirements and the quality and quantum of explosives required to cause sufficient fragmentation that will allow extraction through heave earth moving machinery. An assessment of the environment – especially the neighbouring areas are studies to rule out any potential damages to any structures that are common in a typical factory setting.

Explosive Selection

Once the blast plan is created and approved by the stakeholders, appropriate explosives are sourced based on the nature of the slag and the desired outcome.

On-site Vibration measurement

Uttam Blastech will also measure the vibrations around the slag pits using Nomis Mini SuperGraph II seismographs and monitor and record every vibration that is generated during the blast sequences.

Why Uttam Blastech?

Uttam Blastech is a leader in excavation solutions and has been a leading consultant to technologically challenging projects for over 2 decades. Having worked with renowned corporate steel companies in India, Uttam Blastech understands the technical challenges of slag breaking, and the differences in metallurgical properties for different materials.

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