Underwater Blasting

  1. Underwater Blasting

Uttam Blastech offers comprehensive underwater blasting services tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced team of underwater blasting specialists use proven techniques to safely and efficiently remove underwater structures or prepare sites for under water construction projects such as sea ports and harbour areas.

Careful planning, adherence to strict safety protocols, and consideration of environmental factors ensures that there are no unwanted effects like excessive ground vibrations and whiplash which can cause structural damage to surrounding vessels, or cause damage to marine life due to excessive underwater shock wave pressure.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Uttam Blastech will conduct a thorough environmental impact assessment to identify potential risks to marine life, habitats, and water quality and the surrounding structures. Comply with local regulations and guidelines for underwater blasting, and ensure that the project does not cause significant harm to the surrounding ecosystem.

Blast Design and Planning

Uttam Blastech will develop a blast design and plan in collaboration with the client and marine experts to the type and quantum of explosives to be used, blast timing, and the placement of charges to ensure controlled and safe underwater blasting. All necessary precautions to prevent unintended damage to nearby structures or marine life is done by calculating the blast radius and working with other experts to mitigate the potential disruptions and risks.

Why Uttam Blastech for underwater blasting? 

When it comes to special applications like underwater blasting, Uttam Blastech is the most renowned company in India. Uttam Blastech has helped many companies including Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. of Netherlands, International Seaport Dredging Pvt Ltd, JSW infrastructure etc. 

Uttam Blastech is also the only company in India which can undertake Underwater Blasting without drilling using shaped charges, which it does in collaboration with Europe’s M/s Nitrex SRL, Italy.  

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