Statutory And Legal Compliances

  1. Statutory And Legal Compliances

Excavation in mining and infrastructure companies are strictly governed by a myriad laws – from environmental laws to the laws that govern the usage of explosives. In such a complex and ever-changing regulations governing mining operations, Uttam Blastech can help you be fully compliant with all the statutory requirements. Further in case of any legal issues, Uttam Blastech can work with corporate legal teams to provide supporting gathering data, legal evidences and documentation.

Advisory Services

To navigate statutory compliances surrounding blasting and explosives 

Safety Audits & Reviews

Uttam Blastech can undertake audits to review your organizations compliance with the Explosives Substance Act, 1908 and the Explosives Rules, 2008 is a detailed set of laws that govern the safety of transport, storage, and use of explosives.

Audit NameWhat we do
Explosive Transit Safety AuditThese rules detail the condition, precautions, legal requirements, licenses, and materials used for the transport of explosives.  
Explosive Storage Safety AuditEffective storage of explosives requires compliance with laws like the condition and licensure of the magazine under the supervision of a blasting agent 
Explosive Usage AuditDetermine any defects, discontinuation of electric power and other conditions pertaining to the firing of the explosion

Safety Audits & Reviews

Study NameWhat we do
NVH Studies
NVH Studies
Slope Stability StudiesDetermining the mineralization slope to navigate legal compliances 
Subsidence Modelling

Risk Analysis

To comply with industry standards. 

Assistance in acquiring Licenses

To navigate several licenses pertaining explosives of different quantities and impact, Uttam Blastech provides legal assistance with acquiring the following licenses. 

Purpose of LicenseLicense FormsGranting Authority
License to possess for use of explosives of class 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7 in a magazine. Quantity< 25 kgsLE-3District Magistrate
License to possess for use of explosives of class 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7 in a magazine. Quantity> 25 kgsLE-3Chief Controller Of Explosives (CCE)
License to transport explosives in a road vanLE-7 Chief Controller Of Explosives (CCE)
Short firer’s/ Blaster’s certificateLE-10Chief Controller Of Explosives (CCE)

Our Legal Compliance Services:

Our team of legal experts specializes in providing comprehensive legal compliance services tailored to the unique needs of the mining industry. We offer:

Regulatory Assessments: We conduct thorough assessments of existing mining operations, identifying regulatory gaps and areas of non-compliance. Our experts analyze local, national, and international regulations to ensure that your operations align with all legal requirements.

Compliance Program Development: We assist in the development and implementation of robust compliance programs customized for your mining operations. Our experts will help establish policies, procedures, and training programs that align with legal obligations, enabling you to meet and exceed regulatory standards.

Environmental Impact Assessments: We conduct in-depth environmental impact assessments to evaluate the potential environmental effects of mining activities. Our experts provide guidance on minimizing ecological impact, implementing sustainable practices, and complying with environmental regulations.

Safety Audits and Training: Our team performs safety audits and develops tailored training programs to enhance worker safety and promote a culture of safety within your mining operations. We help you meet occupational health and safety standards, implement best practices, and reduce workplace hazards.

Community Engagement Strategies: We assist in developing community engagement strategies that foster positive relationships with local communities. Our experts help you navigate social license to operate requirements, consult with stakeholders, and establish transparent communication channels.

Why Uttam Blastech for Legal Support?

Law firms are well versed with the law. But the evidences required by courts needs to be produced by the organization that is being challenged in courts. Led by a qualified legal expert with over two decades of experience in mining industry, Uttam Blastech understands both the legal implications as well as compliance requirements for the industry. We extend this knowledge as a service to help you navigate the complexities of mining regulations and establish a strong foundation for sustainable growth.

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