Controlled Blasting Permissions

  1. Controlled Blasting Permissions

Explosives out of control are dangerous to life and property. Yet, they play a crucial role in clearing land of boulders and natural formations that prevent the construction of new projects. The public imagination of blasting in film and media revolves around doom and danger as it involves the use of explosives. People don’t want explosions happening or explosives being stored near them. 

Considerations like the proximity of the blast site to the nearest human settlement or infrastructure heavily influence the nature and consequences of a controlled blast. Controlled blasting also requires proper guidance and legal considerations to avoid complications arising from environmental, judicial, and social stakeholders. 

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At Uttam Blastech, we provide an end-to-end 3-Step Approach ranging from blasting methodology, types of explosives, permissions, licenses and the proper supervision required. 

  • Our Pre-Blast Survey details the potential risks of the blast
    Blasting generates energy which is used in splicing rocks, but residual energy is transmitted to neighboring structures and settlements. This residual energy beyond a certain magnitude can jeopardize the surroundings. Blasting also generates debris which has the potential to projectile into the surroundings and damage the environment. A detailed study of the pressure changes in the surroundings also must be conducted. Uttam Blastech conducts a pre-blast survey to determine the existing settlements in the surrounding so that the controlled blast is executed in a safe manner.
  • Legal Compliance Advisory reduces bureaucratic hurdles
    Several legal complications can arise if a proper roadmap is not followed with industry and environmental compliance. Uttam Blastech’s legal team provides assistance on statutory compliances, risk analysis, periodic surveys, and third-party testimonials in court.
  • Vibration Measurement And Control Solution
    Uttam Blastech provides rich and varied experience in vibration analysis, ground vibration measurement, Counselling, Prediction and remote vibration monitoring. We are a one-stop solution for vibration and noise measurement. We also provide daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring of ground vibrations and noise. 

At Uttam Blastech, our solutions are tailor-made for the client. We provide a unique preventative equation to reach an exact relationship between the number of explosives and impacting vibrations produced. This equation is instrumental in preventing damage to structures and settlements in the project’s surroundings. Our 3-Step Approach combines expertise of blasting, legal, and vibration experts to give you a one-stop solution before controlled blasting.

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