Reserve Estimation and Orebody Modelling

  1. Reserve Estimation and Orebody Modelling

To mine or not to mine? 

Ore Resource Estimation is the primary step to determining whether a mineralization is worthy of mining. Many rock and mineral formations may have high concentrations but may not be suitable for extraction. 3D modeling and visualization allow us to realize goals and come to conclusions. 

Conventional mining methods were used before as advanced software was not available. However, with cutting edge technology available to us, ore resource estimations have become relatively simpler tasks. 

Where Uttam Blastech makes a difference 

  • DATA COLLECTION: Uttam Blastech helps you gather important information regarding the mineralization zone.
  • HOLISTIC STUDY: We study the data in conjunction with the geological information. 
  • SCIENTIFIC ESTIMATION: We estimate quantity, average grade, shape and size of the ore body. 
  • 3D VISUALIZATION: We support you by visualizing the mineralization using 3D extrapolation methods. 

Our experts are well-versed with advanced software to guide you in making accurate decisions. We have supported and collaborated with a wide range of clients and mineralizations to offer you an expertise that can help enrich your project. 

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