VOD meter & Delay Timer

Bringing Expertise & Precision to Exploration, Estimation & Excavation

Assessing the quality of explosives such as VOD (velocity of detonation) need not be an impossible task. Investing in equipment to help calculate velocity of detonation, delay time and continuity of detonation is one of the more impossible tasks of an excavation or construction assignment. However, after investing in extensive research, Uttam Blastech is able to produce digital VOD meter & delay timer that are accurate and easy to use, and for the first time gives an option to the explosives users of knowing the VOD and precision of delay detonator immediately after the blast in the field.

In comparison to traditional methods of measurement, such as Doutriche, this VOD meter (one of its kind in the world) is simpler to use and portable, can store a large number of event information, and requires no training.

Our portable VOD meter measures VOD of an explosive cartridge or detonating fuse. Delay Timer and VOD Meter come with IP65 protection against dust and water, it has an easily readable graphic display, & calibration reminders.

VOD Meter & Delay Timer Brochure


Download VOD software
System requirements for VOD software installation are as follows,

  1. System OS (32/64 bit) should be genuine and updatable.
  2. It should have RS232 port for data transfer, if not, it should able to compatible with RS232 to USB converter.(any version)
  3. In 64 bit system, need to install 32 bit crystal report separately.( which is automatically download from Zip file.)
  4. It should compatible with dotnet files.