VOD meter & Delay Timer

Bringing Expertise & Precision to Exploration, Estimation & Excavation


Using quality explosives can make a huge difference to a blasting operation. They not only give desired results but in every case also save costs which otherwise might be used unnecessarily in buying more explosives or mitigating damages.

This brings us to the availability of information regarding the quality of explosives while purchasing. In most cases, there is little or no information regarding quality. This issue can be eliminated by the purchase of a VOD Meter. But VOD meter’s are very expensive and require high maintenance. Investing in equipment is an impossible task during an excavation or construction assignment.

Why Uttam Blastech?

After investing in extensive research, Uttam Blastech now produces digital VOD meters & delay timer that are accurate and easy to use. Uttam Blastech, for the first time, also gives the explosive user to know the VOD and precision of delay detonator immediately after the blast in the field.

Specifications of the VOD Meter

– Contemporary and in sync with the times

– Portable

– Large storage capacity

– No training required

– IP65 Protection 

– Easily readable graphic display

– Calibration reminders

VOD Meter & Delay Timer Brochure