Material & Machinery procurement for mining operations

Material & Machinery procurement for mining operations

At Uttam Blastech, we offer comprehensive procurement services for top-quality explosives, drilling bits, machinery spares, blasting machines, and well-evaluated used machines at competitive prices

What you can procure through us

  • Explosives

Procure Explosives and Accessories at the most competitive cost. Our experience as Blasting Contractors and consultants helps us evaluate and give you the best product at the most competitive price.

  •  Drilling Bits and Accessories:

Procure Bits, Hammers and other drilling accessories at the most competitive price in time. Our expertise ensures that you not only get the product but get it in time at an excellent price.

  • Machinery Spares

Procure Machinery Spares from us, which are as good as new ones at a fraction of your existing procurement price.

  • Exploders and Blasting Machines:

World-class and tested Blasting Machines for your Blasting needs. Safe and Rugged.

  • Used Machines

Procure well-evaluated Machines for your short-term needs at a fraction of the cost of new machines.

Why Uttam Blastech

  • Extensive Experience in International trading 

Spanning more than two decades. When you procure from us, you get our expertise in product development and usage.

  • Technical Capabilities in Product Evaluation.

Every product we sell is thoroughly tested and sometimes used by us before it is dispatched to you.

When you buy a product, you get a well-evaluated product, thus ensuring that you get only the best.

  • Expertise in procurement:

Our processes, contacts, our suppliers and our decades of experience in dealing with these products and suppliers work seamlessly to supply the best products for you.

  • Industry Experience:

Our team has combined experience of more than 200 years in the industry and is the best in the industry, ensuring that you can bank up on our experience.

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