Machinery Selection

  1. Machinery Selection

Selecting the right machinery for a project greatly reduces overall costs, increases operational flexibility and increases the profit.

For example, in an excavation project, if there is a timeline constraint in the project, using two 100-ton crushers instead of one 200-ton crusher increases the pace at which the excavation and crushing can be done, similarly having a proper crusher layout increase the availability of machinery by 100%. Similarly, if in the same excavation project there is also a budget constraint, getting machinery on a lease or using refurbished machinery instead of buying new ones saves money as well as time while also reducing the commitments of monthly instalments.

Then there are other factors like the end goal of the project, type of machinery (diesel, electric or a combination of the two), availability of spare parts, service costs and more. This is exactly where Uttam Blastech, will go beyond just variable and operational cost to guide you to make the right decision.

How Uttam Blastech will help you pick the right machinery?

Step 1: Analyse the project’s end goal while keeping in mind the constraints (location-based concerns, capital constraints etc.)

Step 2: Calculate the impact that factors such as statutory permissions, environmental impact etc. 

Step 3: Present a catalogue of solutions to pick the right machine based on SWOT analysis, all of them ensuing in cost optimisation and project agility

Uttam Blastech saved 30 lac rupees on one of their projects

Case Study

Project and Constraint:Drill and Blast 0.5 million m³ in 1 season with 5 new drills costing 2.5 million rupees each
Our Approach:Buy 6 used-drilling machines mounted on tractorsSpend little more on maintenance and consumablesReduce the risk of repayment of the loan after the project is completed
Final Outcome:was able to save on 30 lac rupees per machine while also finishing the project in time

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