Geological Investigations

  1. Geological Investigations

80% of the unforeseen issues during mining operations are already in the ground. A thorough geological site investigation can minimize these issues by taking all ground conditions into consideration. At Uttam Blastech, our expert team analyzes geological structure as well as their interactions with planned structures. Our geological investigations are central not just to bypass obstacles, we also support our clients by preparing a safe, economical, and feasible design. 

The geological investigation consists of studying several geological facets of the site. 

Geological desk studySite lithologyGroundwater conditionsPre and post construction geology
Uttam Blastech studies the historical data and soil manuals pertaining to the region in order to get a better sense of the terrain.A vast study of rock compositions, surfaces, textures, depths, and major properties like hardness, strength, modulus of elasticity, rigidity, porosity, and permeability. This study analyzes interactions with the groundwater table during different seasons of the year.We analyze the effects on the site geology before and after the project’s completion. 

After completing these studies, Uttam Blastech plans the scope, extent, and requirement of the project. In this planning stage, the following information is collected: 

  • The type of structure planned for the site investigation
  • The intended use & characteristics of the structure
  • Project start date and period of construction
  • Planned construction methods and materials
  • The behaviour of existing structure around the site
  • Previously known facts about the site

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