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Around 80% of the problems experienced during a construction project are due to unforeseen ground condition. These problems can be avoided with the Proper geological and geophysical investigation of the site.

What is a geological site investigation?
The geological site investigation is conducted to analyse the information about soil and rock and their interaction with planned structures. The investigation enables you to prepare a safe, economical and feasible design. It also helps us in predicting the possible obstacles and designing the solutions for the same.
The geological investigation finds out details about:

  • The geological structure of the site
  • The lithology of the site
  • The groundwater conditions of the site
  • Effects of all the above on your building during and after construction.

The lithological details such as rocks compositions and textures that make up the site, on the surface, as also up to and even beyond the desired depth, presence of major structures and physical and engineering properties like hardness, strength, modulus of elasticity, rigidity, porosity, and permeability are investigated.
Knowing conditions of rock below and above the surface helps in planning Excavation better.

The groundwater conditions have a significant impact on all engineering structures and vice versa. Therefore, an investigation regarding the relative position of the water table around the site should be thoroughly studied. This study involves the study of variations in conditions during different seasons in a year. The design and stability of the civil structures and its cost depends highly on whether the project is placed above or below the groundwater table.
The objective of the geological site investigation:
To design a structure/ project which is economical, safe, durable and has a low maintenance cost.

It is possible to design such a project only with a strong site understanding that comes with data regarding the properties of the site, distribution of the materials, behavior under various influences and constraints. Hence, a well-planned geological investigation is vital for successful project implementation

Services at Uttam Blastech:

The industry experts at Uttam Blastech conduct a thorough geological investigation to help the clients design a reliable project design.
Armed with the above data, the geological investigation is undertaken in the following stages:

  • Planning stage: The objectives of the study are detailed in this stage along with the scope, extent, and requirement. Under this stage, the following background information about the site is collected:
    1. The type of structure planned for the site
    2. The intended use & characteristics of the structure
    3. Project start date and period of construction
    4. Planned construction methods and materials
    5. The behavior of existing structure around the site
    6. Previously known facts about the site
  • Desk study: This stage involves reviewing the historical, geological and environmental data about the site. Desk study helps in saving cost overhead as reviewing the history answers multiple questions. Critical information is scoured through the following documents:
    1. Geological survey maps
    2. Existing soil exploration reports
    3. Soil manuals
  • On-site investigation: This involves investigating the strata through intrusive testing (drilling, sampling, and in-situ testing, test pit excavation, trenching) and non-intrusive testing (Seismic velocity profiling, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Electromagnetic and resistivity surveys).
  • Providing solutions: Uttam Blastech provides site-specific solutions that involve design recommendations after the detailed study to meet the objective of the project.
  • Implementation of the solutions: We provide complete end-to-end support in implementing the solutions for the successful execution of the project.

Why Uttam Blastech?

Uttam Blastech strives at each opportunity to provide optimal solutions to its clients. We serve the following benefits:

  • Quick Response
  • No bureaucratic hurdle
  • More than 100 years of experience in Mining and Excavation industries
  • Experience across various strata and different geological formations in different states and countries.