Pre Blast Survey

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While blasting in a mine, a quarry or at a civil construction site, the leftover energy from the blasting vibrations is transmitted to the adjacent building and structures. This energy is capable of disturbing the neighbouring structures or sometimes even causes significant damage. These damages may be a result of negligence by the blasting contractors who could have controlled the consequences by taking proper measures.

However, not every time, the reason of damages is the after effects of blasting vibrations. It could be any other miscellaneous reason like the ageing of a structure, poor construction or poor quality of materials used in construction. Litigation arises if the blasting contractor has not taken the neighbourhood in confidence before the blasting. Without any strong evidence and information or even checking the previous condition of structures, people blame the cracks and crevices to be the result of blasting.

Litigations on blasting contractors may lead to the delay of a project. Also, bad publicity from a blasting claim can negatively impact a company’s reputation. The employees of a project owner/blasting contractor often have to invest a substantial amount of time participating in defense of the claim.

So, the only protection from blasting claims is the evidence to show that the damages cited could not possibly have resulted from the blasting. The only possible remedy for the leaseholder is to be cautious and consolidate documentation against future claims. Therefore, for the sake of both, the contractors and the owners of properties in the vicinity of a blasting site, it is essential to affirm the necessity of pre-blast surveys and encourage its implementation

Uttam Blastech has complete expertise in conducting a Pre-blast Survey.

Pre blast Survey Services :

  • Shortlist the structures to be examined

Uttam Blastech uses their expertise in shortlisting the buildings to be evaluated. Factors like strata, type of buildings, the age of structures around the blasting site are considered to make a decision. The shortlisted buildings are informed about the pre-blast survey and given the schedule of the same.

  • Conduct a detailed pre-blast Survey

As per the scheduled day and time, the surveyor arrives for a survey. An exhaustive survey of the interiors and exteriors of the shortlisted structures is performed. Survey forms are filled, and observations are duly noted.

  • Prepare reports of the pre-blast Survey

The reports are generated by listing each observation of the survey meticulously. Each detail is accompanied by high-resolution photographs/videos for evidence.

  • Safekeeping the reports for future claims

The copies of reports are provided to the blasting contractors as well as the property owners. Uttam Blastech also keeps a record of the reports for future claims, if any.

Why Uttam Blastech?

Uttam Blastech understands the significance of pre-blast surveys for the blasting contractors and the property owners both. Hence, we carry out a thorough investigation into the same.

Case Study of Karwar Project:

Project Details: Karwar project
Client Name: International Seaport Dredging Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Karwar, Karnataka State

To conduct a pre-blast survey of surrounding structures at a project site in Karwar, Karnataka. Rock blasting has to be carried out near many important and critical structures at the project site. So, it is essential to document the present condition of the structures and design the blasts in a manner that it does not damage these structures.

Uttam Blastech completed the survey of existing structures around the blasting area that are likely to be affected and recommended vibration levels for each structure.

End Result:
The client has documented the existing conditions of the structures in the area that are likely to be affected by the blasting and recorded existing cracks before blasting.