Blasting Consultation

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Blasting is the primary operation in mining, quarrying and civil construction works such as site levelling, foundation and trench excavations, etc. It is the cheapest, fastest and safest way of rock blasting, if executed properly and is the preferred option for any kind of communication.

Blasting utilises different types of explosives depending on the types of rock compositions and properties. Blasting involves numerous hazards during the explosive manufacturing, distribution, storage and transportation and use, so proper risk management is necessary.

Uttam Blastech is an industry leader for all the blasting services and blasting consultation.

Blasting Services:

  • Blasting Consultation:

Blasting involves the use of explosives, therefore, proper guidance and supervision and legal compliances throughout the entire process of blasting is a must. Uttam Blastech provides end-to-end consultation, right from the blasting methodology, types of explosives to be used, permissions and licenses needed up to the supervision techniques.

Our solutions are designed to overcome constraints and barriers that may be posed by the social, economic and legal conditions prevailing at the site to achieve the desired output.

Blasting generates energy which is used in cutting the rock, but residual energy is transmitted to the neighbourhood. This residual energy if it reaches a certain magnitude, is harmful to the surrounding structures. Therefore, a pre-blast survey is needed to determine the existing conditions of the surrounding structures so that, blasts can be designed to ensure that there is no damage to these structures.

  • Vibration Measurement and control solutions

Safety of the working personnel and the neighbourhood structures during blasting is of the utmost importance. Uttam Blastech provides services of vibration analysis, ground vibration measurement, Counselling, Prediction and remote vibration monitoring. We are a one-stop solution for vibration and Noise measurement.

We also provide a preventive solution for damages caused by vibrations resulting from blasting viz., propagation equation. A site-specific equation is generated by Uttam Blastech to arrive at an exact relationship between the quantity of explosives used and the impacting vibrations produced. This helps our client to ensure that during any blasting or pile driving they do, they do not harm surrounding structures by making sure that the resulting vibrations are under prescribed limits.

It is essential that the blasting carried out at a site is compliant with industry and environmental standards to avoid the legal issues. Our legal team at Uttam Blastech provides assistance on statutory compliances, risk analysis, periodic surveys and third-party testimonials.

Why Uttam Blastech?

Uttam Blastech has a rich and varied experience when it comes to blasting. Uttam Blastech, India’s top blasting contractors provide customised solutions for all blasting problems.

  • Quick Response
  • No Bureaucratic Hurdle
  • Help in legal cases due to ground vibrations & noise like providing testimonial in courts
  • Provision for daily, weekly, ground vibrations & noise monthly monitoring option based on client requirement.
  • Tailor made solutions based on client’s requirement.