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  • Planning scientifically, as often the nearest quarry source gets overlooked under the overburden.
  • Suggestion of quarry areas nearest to the point of consumption suitable to produce the desired volume of aggregates.
  • Provide overall planning to realize the desired quality output within budget constraints.

Quarry Contract Services:

  • Quarry Blasting
  • Quarry Aggregates
  • Quarry Design
  • Quarry planning within budget constraints

Case Study of RMC Ready Mix:

Project Details

Client Name: RMC Ready Mix India Ltd
Location: Sonnappanahalli village, Bangalore, Karnataka


  • To operate a quarry next to village.
  • To feed a 300 Tons Per Hour crusher from Quarry not even producing a days requirement.


  • When Uttam took up the quarrying contract for RMC, the first thing that was done was to develop the proper benches in the mine and use controlled blasting.
  • Each blast was monitored for vibrations and noise produced to ensure that vibrations and noise generated in the blasting is within the prescribed limits.
  • To feed a 300 Tons Per Hour crusher from Quarry not even producing a days requirement.

End Result

    • Machinery Deployed
    • Here is the result in fortnight wise production (on single shift basis)
Fortnight Output In Tonn
1 1471.98
2 3711.93
3 6431.49
4 2864.90
5 8252.03
6 6145.05
7 5074.44
8 3742.77
9 8236.24
10 7601.81
11 7121.00
12 4334.28
13 2022.93
Total 67010.83

Case Study 2:

Project Details

  • Client Name: Name withheld on request.
  • Location: Idukki District, Kerala


  • Know the value of the Mineral and the true value of Quarry Land and thus understand the financial risks of acquisition.
  • Kerala ‘gods own country, with rich climate, fertile soil, 100% literacy and plantations and costly land.
  • A perfect recipe to go wrong if not cautious in selecting quarrying land.
  • A quarry owner wanted to acquire neighbouring property to expand his quarry land. This land was in rubber plantations and very costly.


  • To Estimate
    • The Over Burden
    • Total geological reserves
    • Minable reserves