Bringing Expertise & Precision to Exploration, Estimation & Excavation

By entrusting Uttam to cater to the whole gamut of mine management, excavation and quarrying services, you allow yourself to relax and focus better on productivity and profits as Uttam takes care of every step and task on your behalf. Uttam operates the quarry with the principal’s machinery and Uttam’s manpower.


Investigation and Evaluation

  • Classification Studies: Evaluating the amount of rock requiring to be blasted in a given excavation
  • Suggesting quarry areas nearest to the point of consumption suitable to produce the desired volume of aggregates.
  • Estimating:
    1. Size of Total Rock Formation
    2. Mineable Rock with the present Technologies / Economy
    3. Estimation of Overburden at various places
    4. Overall Overburden


  • Planning scientifically, as often the nearest quarry source gets overlooked under the overburden.
  • Suggestion of quarry areas nearest to the point of consumption suitable to produce the desired volume of aggregates.
  • Provide overall planning to realize the desired quality output within budget constraints.


Blasting is the cheapest & safest mode of rock breaking if executed properly.

We offer:

  • A foolproof methodology that is tailored to suit your site conditions that does not jeopardize your original plans.
  • Periodic measurement of Blast Induced Ground Vibrations and provision of 3rd party testimonials on the vibrations and noise generated during the blast to act as a testimonial.
  • Evaluation of the quality of your explosives. We measure the Velocity of Detonation of explosives and accuracy of delay timing of detonators tested in your premises.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding blasting, reach out to us at this email address:


Legal Compliance Advisory

Flouting regulations knowingly or unknowingly can invite severe penalties. In order to help you prevent legal hassles, our legal assistance services include:

  • Providing manpower as required
  • Advising on statutory compliances
  • Reviews:
    • Preparation of Returns as required under various rules
    • Preparation of Plans and Schemes as required
    • Periodic Survey and Updating of plans as required
    • Conducting Risk Assessment, Safety Audits, Noise Survey and Lighting Survey as prescribed
  • Risk Analysis as per required standards
  • Slope Stability Analysis


Implosion & Demolition

Uttam undertakes the demolition of buildings and structures using explosives and accomplishes them safely. We collaborate with NITREX srl ®, an Italian company specializing in implosion for demolishing structures that meet European Standards of Safety and Environment. Mr. S.B.Sarvate, our director holds a Guinness Record for carrying out the maximum number of implosions of buildings.