Bringing Expertise & Precision to Exploration, Estimation & Excavation


With our expertise spanning across all spheres of engineering, mining and contracting processes, we are focused on consistently delivering optimal and excellent solutions to every project we undertake.



Excavation and Construction

By entrusting Uttam Blastech to cater to the whole gamut of mine management, excavation and quarrying services, you allow yourself to relax and focus better on productivity and profits. Uttam Blastech operates the quarry with the principal’s machinery and our manpower.


Special Blasting Applications

Uttam Blastech offers special blasting services such as demolition and implosion, underwater blasting and slag breakage. Uttam Blastech is the most renowned company in India for such operations. Uttam Blasetch has also helped many companies including ISPDL (International seaport Dredging), Boskalis, JSW etc.

Operational Improvements

Operational Improvements

With over 20 years of experience, Uttam Blastech has successfully figured out to conduct mining and excavation operations safely and efficiently. One of the most important benefits of working with Uttam Blastech is the affordability of the services we offer. Uttam Blastech will leave no stone unturned for a safe and cost-effective operation.

Geological and Geophysical Investigation

Geological and Geophysical Investigation

Around 80% of the problems experienced during a construction project are due to unforeseen ground condition. These problems can be avoided with the Proper geological and geophysical investigation of the site.

The industry experts at Uttam Blastech conduct a thorough geological investigation to help the clients design a reliable project design. Armed with all the necessary data, the geological investigation is undertaken in every stage of the project.

Scientific and Statutory Compliances

Scientific and Statutory Compliances

Uttam Blastech is with its clients every step of the way. Mapping the Safety Plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are important parts of complying with environmental and regional laws like Coal Mines Regulations (CMR), Metalliferous Mines Regulations (MMR), Mineral Conservation and Development Rules (MCDR). We also undertake vibration studies and slope stability studies needed for environmental clearance for mining projects.