Steel Mats

Bringing Expertise & Precision to Exploration, Estimation & Excavation

Steel Mats provide the strength of steel to your blasting projects needs at a very cost-effective range.


Steel Mats come handy in long duration project. While selecting blasting mats, Blasting Engineers look for strong, durable options that may not be fulfilled by either Rigid or Flexible mats. This is where our industry-best Steel Mats come in, allowing you to control the length, width and reduce noise and fly rock to a great extent.


  • Reliable
  • Good amount of weight.
  • Flexibility of steel rope.
  • Excellent Strength.
  • Easy to use, just spread over the surface and put the desired amount of weight in the form sand bags
  • Custom made as per your requirements/span>
  • In length and width you need
  • Can be shipped anywhere



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