Slope Stabilty Analysis

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Maintaining pit slope angles that are as steep as possible is vital for the reduction of stripping (mining of waste rock) and safety. Geological, economic and safety factors govern the design of final pit limit. Due to higher demand and availability of high capacity equipment, open pit mines are going deeper and becoming larger while the dump slopes are becoming higher in height and steeper in gradient. This makes assessing and monitoring slope stability quite critical and essential part of productivity and safety management strategy of all mining projects.

Apart from assessing and monitoring existing slopes, the critical consideration in slope stability is proper slope design. The first step in successful slope design requires collecting information regarding the geophysical and geomechanical properties of the rock mass and site geology and presence of groundwater in and around the excavation. The following steps involve interpretation of this information, developing computer models and finally design stable slopes considering all these information.

We at Uttam Blastech, appreciate the importance of slope stability analysis. We offer a mix of empirical and analytical analysis complemented by sound operational experience to give practical solutions tailored to your site-specific conditions. We focus on applying and interpreting the analytical results by creating numerical models and designing parameters that are practical and add value to your projects.  Our team of professionals includes individuals who have worked on various deposits bringing a rich and broad experience to your projects

We provide services for the following:

  1. Geotechnical field investigation, mapping, logging, interpretation and analysis
  2. Pit and Dump Slope Analysis – 2D and 3D modelling and design
  3. Selection of mining method and excavation sequencing optimisation
  4. Assessment of the impact of groundwater on the pit and dump slope design
  5. Design, implementation and management of monitoring systems

Case Study of Slope Stabilty Analysis:

Project Details – CHOTIA MINE

Client Name: Vimta Labs

Location:  Chotia Mine, Chattisgarh State


To conduct a dump slope stability analysis for one of Vimta’s client, Chotia mine under tight budget and time constraint.


Uttam Blastech completed the slope stability analysis in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur.  

End Result:

The client used the slope stability analysis document and obtained environmental clearance from the regulatory authorities.