Bringing Expertise & Precision to Exploration, Estimation & Excavation


By entrusting Uttam to cater to the whole gamut of mine management, excavation and quarrying services, you allow yourself to relax and focus better on productivity and profits as Uttam takes care of every step and task on your behalf. Uttam operates the quarry with the principal’s machinery and Uttam’s manpower.


  • Total Reserves
  • Mineable Reserves with the present Technologies / Economy
  • Estimation of overburden at various places
  • Overall overburden


Blasting Consultation

Advising on the right blasting methodology to overcome constraints and barriers that may be posed by the social, economical and legal conditions prevailing at the site to achieve the desired output.

Read about how we helped the GVK group prevent a litigation based on analysis of the ground vibrations, which were well under legal limits and allowed them to avoid getting litigated by the residents in the neighborhood.


Suggesting propagation equation for Blast Induced Ground Vibrations

A site specific equation is employed by Uttam to arrive at the exact relationship between the quantity of explosives used and the impacting vibrations produced. This helps our clients ensure that any blasting or pile driving they do, do not harm surrounding structures by ensuring the resulting vibrations are under prescribed limits.

Overall Mine Planning

Overall Mine Planning

To produce the desired output including Drawings, Bench Planning and Overburden removal plan and Sequence within the stipulated financial criterion.


Blasting aftereffect reports

Periodic measurement of Blast Induced Ground Vibrations and providing third party testimonials on vibrations and noise generated in the blasting.



Slope Stability Analysis

For safety purposes, it is required that an excavation be performed at an angle, as a vertical digging would cause the surrounding structures to collapse. In order to calculate an economically viable excavation angle, a slope stability analysis is performed by us to determine the best angle at which the client ought to perform excavation.