Depth Measuring Guage

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Smart & Precise Depth Measurement

Uttam Blastech’s cutting-edge depth measuring gauges are designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements for a wide range of applications. Ideal for construction, engineering & mining industries, the depth measurement gauge gives you precise measurements digitally with GPS locations for accuracy.

Measure Hole Depth & Water Levels

Uttam Blastech’s depth measuring gauges utilize advanced technology and high-quality components to deliver accurate and consistent depth measurements of both the hole depth as well as water levels.

Digital Data Logger

Uttam Blastech’s depth measuring gauges come with digital interfaces that not only give you more reliable results, but also give you a digital interface to log and analyze the data.

GPS Enabled

The depth measurement gauge not only comes with a digital data interface, it also comes with GPS data logging. Each depth recording is also tagged with the exact latitude and longitude of the location in which the measurement was taken – helping seamless integration with GIS and other mapping systems.

Durable and Robust Construction

Uttam Blastech’s depth measurement gauges are built to withstand rugged conditions. With robust construction and high-quality materials, our gauges are designed to handle challenging environments, including construction sites, industrial facilities, and outdoor settings.

Data Logging and Connectivity

We understand the importance of data management and analysis in modern industries. That’s why our depth measuring gauges feature advanced capabilities such as data logging and connectivity options. With these features, you can effortlessly record and store measurement data for future reference or connect the gauge to external devices for real-time data transfer and analysis, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity.


Depth Measuring Guage

Depth Measuring Guage

Depth Measuring Guage


  • Reliable
  • Accurate Depth and Water Level Measurement.
  • Register GPS coordinates of the measurement
  • Diameter independent
  • Results are stored in a tab and can be shared immediately 

Why Uttam Blastech’s Depth Measuring Gauges

With rigorous testing and quality control to ensure consistent and trustworthy performance, Uttam Blastech is a trusted supplier of well-engineered depth measurement gauges. Uttam Blastech’s high levels of service and support ensures that your measuring gauge is always reliably calibrated and ready for use when you need it.

Why Uttam Blastech ?

  • Calibration and maintenance services to ensure that your equipmentis always operating at its
  • On site training and support to help you learn how to use your seismograph effectively
  • Expert advice and guidance from our team of experienced seismologists & mine consultants






Data Reading


Seiesmograph station


Multiple Visualizations

15 days Power

65% Events



Product & Services

Vibro Man

On-site vibration Measurement now offered as a service. On-demand. Pay-per-day

Detonators being phased out. Shift to Shock tube initiators.

Uttam Blastech a poineer in excavations brings you India's first, make-in-India SHock tube initiators


Upto 25% increase in productivity with our indepth audit of excavation projects.

Case Study

When Vibrartions can casue a catastrophic, companies trust Uttam Blastech

When a prominent Indian congolomerate, was setting up a new venture in Palghar,a seismic activity sensitive area, they were worried about the impact of minor earthquakes on the pipeline they were just laid. Uttam Blastech was brought on-board to assess Vibrartions and avoid any damage to the project.

We set up a permanent monitoring station in and nearby the site and documented the vibrations through IOT siesmographs round the clock.

Client Speak

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- Chef Mine Engineer, Singareni Coileries Ltd

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Uttam Blastech is a professionally managed organisation that has been offering end-to-end solutions on mining, infrastructure & construction, since 2000. Having delivered on complex assignments across verticals in mining and excavation, Uttam consistently delivers the most effective solutions to meet the customer needs within budget and time.