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Uttam Blastech offers 3 kinds of Seismographs

Uttam Blastech got into the marketing of Seismographs to fill a quality gap in the market of the product. Today, Uttam offers three kinds of seismographs, with unique additional features to help serve your needs better.

Uttam offers three kinds of seismographs: Nomis MiniGraph 7000, Nomis MiniSuperGraph & Nomis MiniSuperGraph II. All our seismographs are reliable and easy to install in the field, and provide instant data readings. All seismographs comply with ​
ISEE Standards (International Society of Explosives Engineers) specifications for seismographs.


The Nomis MiniGraph 7000 is a compact but sturdy and self-contained seismograph. It is the least expensive of all, stores up to 300 events, has a rechargeable battery, and records information in waveform.

The Nomis MiniSuperGraph is a higher range product that stores up to 700 events, has advanced cellular & modem operations (optional), and stores events in waveform and advanced bargraphs.

The Nomis MiniSuperGraph II is an elite product that can collect 16k samples per second and store up to 65k events. This seismograph can also store information in waveform, advanced bar graph and combo modes.

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