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At the outset we at Uttam Blastech leading Mining and Excavation Blasting Solutions provider are delighted to get in touch with you through this first edition of our Newsletter. This initiative is a part of our selfless efforts that are aimed at providing the information edge to out esteemed patrons and about to be patrons by bringing the latest happenings on the mining and excavation industry.

In addition to the above, we have also revamped our website where our resources section contains the answers to some of your lingering doubts such as Blasting Damage , Safedistance for blasting and many more our Projects section is a treatise on some of the works we executed where day to day problems we face in excavation were solved innovatively such as Rock Blasting near a 75 years old dam Controlled Blasting below 440 KV power line where any damage was estimated at around Rs.100 Million per hour and many more.

We will continually update both the section periodically and keep you updated through SMS, newsletter and website. At a time when our industry is going through a challenging phase where the world economic recession crash in the prices of commodities and tightening (over) of regulatory environment is adversely impacting the progress our newsletter and revamped website awash with insightful information, real-time case studies, technological updates and policy analysis among other comes as a shot in the arm for you.

We shall also be SMSing you whenever there is an event that is of importance to our industry and profession.

So, we welcome you to take your valuable time to explore theses humble initiatives of ours that will certainly help you make economically prudent and legally informed choices in each of you edeavors.

Last but not the least we wish to inform you that we would be more than glad to have your feedback. So mail us at feedback@uttamblastech.com or contact us through our website, me and my team will put in all the efforts to disseminate the knowledge that will contribute to your progress.

Hope these efforts of ours find appreciation with you and look forward to meet you soon with the next edition of this Newsletter.

With the best regards,
Srikant Vairagare,
Managing Director and Chief Consultant.

Head Office: # 2-2-1137/ 3/1/C/1,
New Nallakunta, Hyderabad - 500 044, Telangana, India.
Phone: 040-4018-8021